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What isn't fish?

We've been experimenting in the spirit of Veganuary!

Ross took to the kitchen after receiving a tin of banana blossom from his mother (interesting Christmas present?). Using vegan beer to create a batter for the blossom, he then tossed it to the fryer.

Rumour has it that fish isn't complete without Tartar.

A pinch of veggie magic and a homemade vegan mayonnaise. We created a vegan tartar full of flavour which when accompanied by our battered blossom, chips and some mushy peas becomes a dinner any chippy would be lucky to have!

So, we've not made fish & chips.

I love it and i'm sure the fish do as well.

P.s. a banana blossom is the literally the flower from a banana tree. Sounds obvious but who knew it was delicious..... Ross's mum clearly

Peas & love,


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