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"We've been lucky enough to specialise in experimental plant-based pop-ups. This allowed us the freedom to be creative with innovative menus, locations & collaborations. We started Greenbox to showcase how a vegetarian diet can be exciting, relatable and commercially viable as the future of food. Our journey kept taking us further into the world of sustainability and has become the keystone of what we aim to provide: Making the next decade as delicious and sustainable as possible."


Tom, Ross & Charles

Street Food

Camp Wildfire Set-up.JPG

We've been making the top-end of the British event scene more sustainable & delicious for over five years.

Cocktail Bars

From commuter lunch-time salads to evening cocktails and burgers, we kept up with the pace of the big smoke.

In 2018 we brought our flair for plants to the tables East London in our cocktail bar collaboration in the iconic Hoxton Seven.

Plant-based pubs

To serve up London's Best Vegan Roast we teamed up with the hidden gem of Shoreditch. Developing an iconic pub menu entirely made of plants for East Londons favourite local.

Greenbox does christmas


We packaged our roast in a plastic free bow just in-time for Christmas. As well as making the big day more tasty, we also managed to use our profits to invest in decarbonisation & reforestation projects!

Brunch brunch baby

This time we wanted to show the ultimate brunch doesn't need the animal cruelty. Collaborating with Routes Coffee Roasters, together we renovated a beautiful community cafe in Oxford, serving our iconic brunch menu seven days a week. 


Working with an Oxford based think-tank and research centre, we developed a sustainably focused food & beverage management service. Designed to maximise the productivity of guests and improve communal spaces. All while breaking ground on what it looks like to eat plant-based

Fuelling the crew

Our second year catering the back-of-house of the best festival industry on planet earth. We proudly help festivals dramatically lower their carbon costs while improving the happiness of the people who create the festival magic. We specialise in large-scale plant-based food service and our bookings for crew catering for 2023 will be opening in October. Due to the nature of this industry our 2023 crew calendar will fill quickly so please get in touch!

Big brands, big impact!

We've worked with some of the biggest names in the plant-based movement, helping with menu development, brand ambassadors & event production. We aim to assist forward thinking brands to grow and push our sector even further. 

the future

We have several big projects underway, aiming to have an impact in the decarbonising and reforestation of the planet.

If you've got an idea you'd like us to bring to life, get in touch!

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