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At Greensphere, we are dedicated to guiding businesses towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions. With a specialized focus on the hospitality, events, and office sectors, our consultancy combines industry-specific expertise with innovative sustainability solutions to help you reduce your environmental impact effectively and efficiently.

By choosing Greensphere, you’re partnering with a leader in net-zero consultancy dedicated to building a sustainable future for the hospitality, events, and office sectors.


Industry Expertise

  • Hospitality: Tailored strategies to reduce carbon footprints in hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

  • Events: Sustainable solutions for managing large-scale, eco-friendly events.

  • Office Environments: Implementing green practices in office settings to enhance energy efficiency and waste management.


Advanced Carbon Auditing

Our thorough carbon auditing process identifies key areas where emissions can be reduced, offering clear metrics and benchmarks for tracking progress towards net-zero targets. We are a reduction first organisation. 


Partnerships and Collaboration

Greensphere collaborates with a network of eco-friendly suppliers and stakeholders to broaden the impact of your sustainability efforts.


Innovation and Continuous Improvement:

Greensphere stays at the forefront of sustainability innovations, continuously integrating new technologies and methods to keep your business ahead in a rapidly evolving market.


Customized Sustainability Plans:

We provide bespoke consultancy services that address the unique needs of your business, designing actionable plans that align with both your environmental goals and business objectives.


Training and Workshops

We equip your team with the knowledge and tools they need to implement and maintain sustainable practices, ensuring long-term commitment and improvement.


Compliance and Reporting

We assist in navigating the complex landscape of environmental regulations, ensuring that your business not only meets but exceeds compliance requirements.

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