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We reduce down emissions to serve up flavours

The demand for high emission foods has skyrocketed in the last 100 years. Our mission is to reduce the environmental costs of the food we eat. We use climate science and innovative recipe design to audit, reduce and report on food emissions. 

Our breakfast

As seen in British Vogue.

With healthy one-pots, pancakes, & topped sourdough options,

we have a menu to suit every event.

Our pop-ups include a healthy breakfast, brunch & barista coffee.


Our show-stopping mains

We have developed over 30+ carbon calculated, low-emission dishes that have been tried, tested and certified delicious. We can provide your teams & clientele a variety of cuisines and flavours tailored to your needs.

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Plant-powered meetings.

Canapés, sub/sandwiches, drinks & snacks. We can deliver hot or cold platters direct to your meeting or company event.


Production, Location & Crew

Catering for net-zero

Hire our on-site chef team for crew, artist & VIP services.


Our fresh-kitchen can provide coffee & drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and additional catering services for the duration. 

We provide climate-reports to highlight the ecological impact of your food & beverage.


In-house Catering

True corporate social responsibility.

Our chef team creates impact calculated bespoke food & beverage services designed to reduce your emissions. ​Backed by data and climate reporting, we become part of the fabric of your net-zero implementation plan.

Our clients say that our food services becomes a key element of their welfare and social programmes. From healthy lunch services to fine-dining or casual social gatherings, we bring joy and collaboration to the workplace. 

Why not explore our virtual catering packages for your work-from-home team?

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Brand Activation

Our team of plant-professional chefs design menus that best represent your brands identity and marketing objectives. We have experience in brand activation, brand ambassador roles, service design & event management, meaning maximum visibility for you, without any of the stress.

Drive Visibility


On-location Catering

Need a pop up for an event or a full banqueting spread for your clients? Whatever the requirement, We'll come to your site and provide the gold-standard of ecological catering.

Check out our brochure for a list of our on-site services.

Our team, your site.

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